It is not the first worldwide crisis, and it is not going to be the last, either! This is what the Bible tells us. Jesus had announced it clearly when he spoke with His disciples: ‘I’ve spoken these words to you, so that you may be in peace. In the world you will have distress, but be confident: I have overcome the world’. (John 16:33)

If you are a nominal Christian in Egypt, you are, by now, probably scared to death (like everybody else) of the news of the coronavirus vast and speedy spread. The news of the accelerating measures imposed by the government to fight the spread of the virus brings a lot of anxiety to many hearts.

However, throughout the land of Egypt, there any many Christians who are seeking, praying for and so eager to see the name of our Lord be glorified in the midst of this global uncertainty.

As a Christian living in Cairo Egypt, I do abide to the announced rules and regulations. As I, my family and the living Church of Egypt continue to do that, we pray that billions around the world in general and millions of Egyptians in particular may realize their need for the true God. My prayer is for millions who have to stay under voluntarily or compulsory quarantine that the Lord may speak to their hearts, show Himself to them in dreams and visions and through faithful Christians so multitudes of people may come to the Lord.

I also pray against the power of fear, which the enemy is so clever using against the church. May the Church worldwide stand with no fear, proclaiming God’s love and spreading out the message of peace.

I have a specific prayer for the countries where there is no evident persecution in the west and east. I pray for Europe, the countries of the two American continents. I also pray for Australia & New Zealand. I pray for the Buddhist world.

“Lord, show humans worldwide that, unlike what they may think of themselves, they are weak. Their supposed freedom, their technology and wealth can not save them. Show them Lord, that only Jesus can save them and give them everlasting peace.

“May your name be gloried throughout the earth in those very same days. My your will be done. Amen”


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