In cooperation with local partners and churches, Open Doors supports the persecuted church in Djibouti through:
  • Discipleship and leadership training
  • Christian literature distribution
  • Socio-economic development

Source of persecution: Islamic oppression / Ethnic antagonism

Improvement for Christians

Djibouti is a small, poverty-stricken nation in East Africa surrounded by countries where Christians face extreme persecution – especially Eritrea and Somalia. Yet, the situation for believers in Djibouti seems to have improved over the years, unlike its neighbours. Be that as it may, Djiboutian Christians still face challenges in living out their faith.

Life in Djibouti

A Muslim-majority country, many of Djibouti’s citizens have strong family ties with Somalia, Yemen, and other Muslim nations with a strongly ingrained negative attitude towards the West and Christianity. Radical sheikhs and imams ridicule and preach against Christians at the mosque and community meetings. Believers who are known to evangelize experience severe persecution.

There are only a few Christians from a Muslim background, but they face immense pressure. They have to stay underground and live their Christian life in secret. However, life outside the city is communal, making it hard to hide their faith. If discovered, converts may be hindered from accessing community resources, harassed, or discriminated against when getting a job.

An autocratic government

The government is autocratic and there is no freedom of expression or press. It seeks to stay in power at all costs. The country depends greatly on support from Western countries. As such, even though it does not have a positive view of Christians, the regime has not taken more repressive actions towards them.

Please pray:

  • For grace to continue living for Christ in Djibouti’s communal and Islamic culture.
  • For the imams who preach against Christians, that their hearts will be softened, and that they will encounter Jesus.
  • That Christians will be able to forgive their persecutors and continue to use every opportunity to share the hope that we have in Christ with their fellow countrymen.

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