Year: 2021
World Watch List: 10
Score: 83
Leader: Prim Minister Narendra Modi
Population: 1.38 billion
Christian: 67 million
Main Religion: Hinduism
Government: Federal Republic
Source of Persecution: Religious Nationalism
In cooperation with local partners and churches, Open Doors supports the persecuted church in India through:
  • Emergency aid

  • Persecution survival training

  • Bibles, livelihood and community development programs

  • Advocacy support

  • Legal training

Meet “Guarav”

“As I was locked in isolation, I realized I had more time for communion with the Lord and I waited with patience, praying and thanking the Lord for everything.”  

Persecution type: Religious nationalism/Clan oppression/Dictatorial paranoia/Ethno-religious hostility

What does persecution look like in India?

Hindu extremists believe that all Indians should be Hindus, and that the country should be rid of Christianity and Islam. They use extensive violence to achieve this goal, particularly targeting Christians from a Hindu background. Christians are accused of following a “foreign faith” and blamed for bad luck in their communities. These believers are often physically attacked and sometimes killed, as well as being under constant pressure from their family and community to return to Hinduism. If they do not “re-convert,” they may be boycotted by their community, with a devastating effect on their ability to earn income. Many believers are isolated and don’t know any other Christians.

Christians are persecuted in all areas of public and private life, and anti-conversion laws (currently in nine states, with more considering adoption) are abused to harass and intimidate Christians. Few people are actually convicted under these laws, but cases can drag on for years.

Who is most vulnerable to persecution?

Christians from a Hindu background are most vulnerable to persecution in both public and private life.


  • Praise God that many are coming to faith in India through miraculous healings and the courageous witness of India’s Christians. Pray that this will continue, and many more will come to know Jesus.

  • Pray for protection for our brothers and sisters, especially those who are new Christians, and those who live in rural areas and are particularly isolated. Pray that God will help their families and communities to accept their new faith.

  • Ask God to continue to work through Open Doors partners to bring practical support and encouragement to those who are most in need of help. Pray for wisdom and energy for Open Doors partners, and ask God to protect them as they carry out this vital work, particularly during the pandemic.

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