Since 2002, North Korea has been the place where Christians face the most extreme persecution. Thanks to you, Open Doors secret fieldworkers are supporting Christians who’ve managed to flee from North Korea, through underground networks.

2020 was expected to harm Open Doors’ North Korean ministry. But according to Brother Simon*, who has led it for over 25 years, the ministry is now flourishing.

Brother Simon reported: “Thanks to God’s providence we have given 84% of what we had planned for this year (2020).

“The North Korean ministry has continued to have various risks and pitfalls which cannot be expressed easily. There were a few unexpected encounters with North Korean secret officials who recorded our conversations and my voice secretly and reported those to the Security Ministry headquarters in Pyongyang. They tried to find my identification and track the ministry history for years.

“But until now, the Lord has protected me from all pitfalls and threats. God has never stopped North Korean ministries, even in a difficult situation when it seemed to be impossible with human eyes. (OD Magazine|2021 Issue 1 – you’ll read the amazing stories of OD field workers who support North Korean Christians.)

During the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic which has spread last year, God showed himself as the King of kings and the Lord of lords in a mission field with increasingly difficult circumstances.

“Through our networks and safehouses for those who are managed to escape from North Korea, we have been able to make use of small windows of opportunity to reach North Korean Christians. We gave them food, medicines, and other daily necessities, thanks to God’s providence.

“Thank you to all supporters who pray and dedicate themselves for the North Korea mission. The North Korean Christian leaders and the believers vividly experience your love in Christ. I will do my best to serve the North Korean church and believers on behalf of you all.”

*Name changed for security purposes.


  • Praise God for the flourishing North Korean ministry. Pray it continues to bear good fruit.
  • Pray for the safety and protection of Open Doors’ partners who defy authorities for their work.
  • Pray more North Korean Christians may access Christian resources and emergency relief in 2021.


You’ll never know the names of the secret believers you help, but they will know that you love them.

Every HK$400 could give a Bible to three believers from a country where Christians face extreme persecution.

Every HK$550 could give biblical training to a believer in the underground church.

Every HK$700 could provide food, medicine and shelter for a believer fleeing extreme persecution.