Tchibwabwa, 23, is from the East of DRC. A Christian friend would often invite her to church, and although Tchibwabwa wanted to go, she knew she was closely watched by her father. He was entrusted to monitor Muslim youths in their neighbourhood.

One Sunday, however, Tchibwabwa decided to risk it. She succeeded and even managed to sneak in and out of church unnoticed several times. But eventually her parents found out. They were furious and told Tchibwabwa she was no longer welcome in their home.

Tchibwabwa sought the help of her paternal aunt, who welcomed her. But under intimidation from her father, the aunt also sent her away.

The local church allowed her to stay in a small room they used for intercession. Tchibwabwa was grateful for the roof over her head and the opportunity to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word. A few months later, she was baptized.

OD helped Tchibwabwa start a micro business selling local popcorn called Tuska. With the income she generates, she covers her immediate needs – like rent, food, clothing, and medicine. “I even have something to give as offering in church,” she beams.

Tchibabwa has since moved in with another Muslim Background Believer. Though life is not easy, she is grateful for what she has. Her relationship with her family remains estranged. Once, Tchibwabwa went to her family home with her pastor to collect some of her belongings, but they were chased away. Her father told them that he has disowned Tchibwabwa. She has no contact with relatives (except the aunt) yet remains determined. “Christ has found me, and nothing can separate me from the love of the Lord”, she says.

Pray that Tchibwabwa will remain strong in her faith and have the grace to withstand any added pressure or loneliness during Ramadan. Pray that she will not be intimidated, but experience continued spiritual growth. Pray also that her business will be profitable enough to cover all her needs.

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