Bring Comfort and Joy

Help bring the hope of Christmas to persecuted children like Daniela and give them the gift of a safer future.


Christmas will never be the same again in Daniela’s house.

There’ll be an empty seat at the table.

Her father Plinio, a pastor, was shot as he rested on his rocking chair.  All because he dared to share the gospel – in the land where drug-lords rule. 

“The hardest thing is when I think of my Dad,” she says. “But I believe that celebrating the birth of Jesus is a moment of joy.”

Daniela longs for someone to bring her comfort and joy this Christmas. Could it be you?

Daniela weeps when she thinks of her Dad, yet she has found comfort and joy thanks to your support for Open Doors. Now she has a safer home and has received protection, care and trauma counselling at the Colombian Children’s Centre in Colombia.

Open Doors’ vision is that every persecuted child, like Daniela, should be protected and cared for. Every persecuted child should grow up knowing they are loved.

The future of the church is depending on them.

Please, give a Christmas gift to persecuted children today.

Every HK$315 could provide a Bible to 10 children who have been impacted by persecution.

Every HK$1,460 could allow the Colombia Children’s Centre provide protection, care and education to a child of a persecuted church leader for a month.

Every HK$375 could provide a Christmas present for a persecuted child to let them know that their Church family loves them.

Thank you and may God richly bless you!

*Please note that when the project is fully funded, your donation will go to where most needed.

“Everyone who suffers for his faith in Christ has the right to assistance from that part of the body that Christ has blessed with liberty, knowledge and resources.” – Brother Andrew